Winter in Homborsund, Norway

Fishing in the sea of the small Norwegian village of Homborsund. This is a favored place for seaside activities but it certainly has its advantages in winter as well. Please excuse the poor quality of the pics; they’re shot with my mobile phone. (I’ll bring a proper camera next time)



The Captain of our Ship

“Take what you need and leave the rest” is the word of the day. Nature shows us the how beautiful the sea is in winter. The cold, crisp air and the beautiful, frozen colors. Hot coffee, some tobacco and peace of mind, what more can a you ask for?

The thought that leaps to mind is how very fortunate we are to live in country like Norway. We are less than a 20 minutes drive from the center of one of Norway’s biggest cities and still all is peace and quiet.


Winter-fishing has its rewards, the fishmeat is whiter and firmer and the scenery can be breathtaking. The best part of it though, is the peace and quiet. There isn’t another boat to see, no noice from engines or screaming of younsters, no waterskiers or windsurfers. We have the waters to ourselves. And the tranquility!

Eventually we also get our rewards.

Big and tasty fish ready for the stove. This is what the sea provides for us, this is one of the benefits of living in a country of clean air, clean water and a nature that is free for all

Could life possibly get a any better?

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