Day 6 : Through the Desert to Palm Springs

This Morning found us leaving the cold ocean winds of Santa Monica for warm and desertlike Palm Springs. But first we had to make a little detour: As one of us take a more than average interest in textiles, fabrics and quilting, a visit to LA’s textile and fabrics district and the famous “Santee Alley, LA’s Premiere […]

Day 7: PioneerTown and Palm Springs Street Market

  Just some 30 miles outside Palm Springs, in the Yucca Valley you’ll find Pioneertown, a worn-down  former movie-set, now turned into a tourist trap. It’s a dusty, windy place but, of course, it’s  a remnant from the westerns way back when…. I suppose it can be of interest if you’re in the neighbourhood, but […]

Day 9; Through the Desert from Palm Springs, Ca. to Kingman, Az.

    The drive  from Palm Springs take you through places like Yucca Valley, 29 Palms and at  Amboy you hit the iconic Route 66. No drive in the West or Midwest could possibly be complete without at least a few miles on this legendary stretch of tarmac. We met up with The Route 66 […]

Living it up at The Hotel California, Palm Springs

Hotel California, in Palm Springs is very unlike any hotel experience you’ll ever have and I can’t imagine any other hotel that would even come close! I know that this is a lot to say about a hotel but I am willing to stand by every word of it! First of all it’s the staff […]