The scenery of Lofoten is truly amazing. It is as if nature itself has used its imagination to the limit to create it. The steep mountains falls straight into the sea, creating a landscape of extreme beauty and wildness. Nowhere else can you see lights like this. The air is refreshingly clear and the colors are vibrant. Lofoten has become a favored place for painters and it is easy to see why. On a clear day your eyes can see for miles. Man has only to a very small degree put his mark on this landscape, it has kept its beauty. In the spring the archipelago is the erogenous zone of the North Atlantic. The cod comes in from the Barents sea to spawn, the seabirds come in huge numbers to breed and the whales come in to feed and multiply. Even the sea eagle secure future generations here. There is roe and eggs everywhere, the whole area is teeming with life.For more detailed information about Lofoten you can visit the offical Lofoten website.


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