Lofoten once more!

Last fall we revisited the Lofoten archipelago. Once more nature did its best to please us; sunshine and plenty of fish (mainly cod) We stayed at a small place called Brettesnes.


The nature in this part of Norway can be breathtaking. It’s as if evolution has favoured some parts of the world and Lofoten is definitely one of them. We were lucky enough to have friends there but even if you don’t there are plenty of accomodations available in Brettesnes. One suggestion, and it’s a good one, would be Lofotbrygga. Unfortuantely the website is in Norwegian only but you’ll find both photos and their mail-adress there.

Life in Lofoten

On our first boattrip out onto the open ocean we were lucky to spot two sea-eagles sitting on a rock just a few hundred yards from the boat. I snapped a photograph of them with my cellphone. The quality of the shot isn’t very good but the quality of  the experience certainly was.






     Sea-Eagles shot with CellPhone Camera


I know of very few places that contains so much nature in a relatively confined space! In just one day you can spot, in addition to the SeaEagles, both Orcas, Harbour porpoise (a close relative of dolphins), minkywhales, a vast variety of seabirds and you can catch all kinds of fish; cod, pollock, haddock, halibut, catfish, monkfish etc; if you can name it you’ll probably find it here and in vast quantities.

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