Living it up at The Hotel California, Palm Springs

Welcome to the Hotel California
Welcome to the Hotel California

Hotel California, in Palm Springs is very unlike any hotel experience you’ll ever have

and I can’t imagine any other hotel that would even come close!

I know that this is a lot to say about a hotel but I am willing to stand by every word of it!

First of all it’s the staff – their ability to make you feel like a good friend or even family and not a paying guest is quite unique.
The second you step through the gates you’re in a quiet, tranquil, gorgeous atmosphere that is impossible not to fall in love with.

Feeding the Locals
Feeding the Locals

There is the sound of the drizzling water fountains, the lush, beautiful greenery all around, the humming birds humming you into a good mood.

The rooms are clean, spacious and delicately furnished and colored. We spent our first night in a King Poolside room and the rest in a so-called Town House and both were absolutely perfect.

The Biggest Smile West of Massachusets
The Biggest Smile West of Massachusets

Once inside the gate we were met with the broadest smile and the roaring laughter of Jay who led us into the reception room.

“Wine or beer?” was his first question, to which we of course replied:

” Yes, please!”

So, with a glass of refreshment in hand we filled in the necessary forms and wanted to pay for our stay in advance.

“Ok!” Jay said, “this is the only time we ask you for money, whatever you want, do or don’t do while you’re here is included. There is no extra charge for anything.”

A true Garden of Eden
A true Garden of Eden

Then he took us on a quick tour of the premises, there was a kitchen with all of the condiments, utensils, cooking/serving gear, coffee, tea and  fruit; “feel free to use it whenever you want. There was high quality barbecue equipment at our disposal and even the odd bottle of liqueur left behind by departed guests.

Morning Coffee with My Latest, Greatest Chum - Nothing beats a Budd
Morning Coffee with My Latest, Greatest Chum – Nothing beats a Budd!
Keeping the Guests cool by the pool
Keeping the Guests cool by the pool

The pool is at your disposal 24 hours a day, but you are asked not to make too much noise after 10 PM.

There is of course free parking, free Wi-Fi and even a free limo-service to take you the odd mile to the center of Palm Springs.

You ride to town in style
You ride to town in style

Hotel California – You can never really leave…….

If you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood of Palm Springs, do treat yourself to a hotel experience beyond anything you can imagine.

The Hotel California has left an ineradicable impression – “You can check out anytime you like………..”

as we have now been  “living it up at the Hotel California” , we’ll go and stand at a corner in Winslow, Arizona.

Find their website;  Here

Hotel California 

Hotel California

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