Though Estonia is the country best adapted to the new rules and western values that appeared after the collapse of communism, it is still a very good idea to find a local guide to show you around.

We were fortunate enough to find and hire Krista Suppi to help us out.

Krista is a local from Tallinn and very well informed about everything that is going on in the city. She is also a former biathlete (you know, skiing and shooting) and in very good shape. She will keep you running all day if you want to.

But first and foremost she was pleasant company, very service minded and eager to do her utmost to make our stay an unforgettable one.

She met us at the ferry terminal (we arrived by boat from Stockholm)and helped us find the apparment we had rented.

She took us on a traditional city tour of Tallin but also on a drive to the countryside where we visited the old castle of Rakvere and to the Sagadi Mois Country Estate where we even got to make our own schnaps.

We spent three very pleasant days in Tallinn and Estonia thanks to Krista. If you find yourself planning a trip there, you never know, you might get lucky and find her available.

Krista is highly recommended!

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