Kiev/Ukraina – summing up.


The three days in Kiev were very well spent, the City is surely worth a visit. In many ways, of course, thanks to our eminent guide, Oksana. That we accidentally were there during VictoryDay we can only be grateful for.

It was absolutely amazing to see how the nation has thrown off the Soviet heritance and has in just a few years become an open and welcoming society. Of course Kiev isn’t Ukraine. There is probably a long way to go yet. If the political stability can prevail and Yulia Timoschenko  is released from prison, the Ukraine will surely be one of the most prosperous countries in Europe.

As for Yulia Timoschenko, let’s hope that the imprisonment doesn’t break her and that she’ll return to politics in the near future.

To support Yulia Timoshenko, click here!

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