Gran Canaria – A Road Trip


The island of Gran Canaria is commonly associated with crowded beaches, towering hotels and frantic holiday makers, but there is a different side to it as well
For those of us seeking an alternative experience, the interior of the island offers a serene beauty, some spectacular panoramic views and remnants of the original “Islas Canarias”

The trip took us around the island – a trip that can easily be done in a day. Starting in Puerto de Mogan the first half was through the vast tourist areas developed on the western and southern parts. Once you reach the small town of Teror (with a single “r”) the whole sceenery changes completely.

The churh and town square in Teror
The churh and town square in Teror


A spectacular view from El Roque Nublo
A spectacular view from El Roque Nublo
A Mountain Road
A Mountain Road in central Gran Canaria
Residential Area Canary style
Residential Area Canary style
The Streets of Puerto de Mogan
The Streets of Puerto de Mogan

Gran Canaria – more than crowded Beaches

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