…and a good morning it is, at the MuiNé Sailing Club!

I’m the first one to crawl out from under the mosquito net – the shower is every bit as impressive as it was when we arrived late last night. There is only two choices of water though, cold and very cold but the air is warm and humid so I guess cold is quite ok..? I do, however, after I while find out that in Vietnam they turn the handle the other way and there is plenty of hot water. Upon our arrival last night we settled in our bungalow and went to get something cold in a glass. There we asked the barman if MuiNé was always this warm and he said: “Oh, no sir. Sometimes it’s very cold, last January the temperature dropped to close to 20 degrees centigrade. ” Brrr, and here I am without my fur coat.” We did get a slight impression of the place last night but we were not prepared for what we were about to see in full daylight.

                                        Such a beautiful place!

Outside our bungalow it’s very warm and damp but it’s like a tropical garden. Beautiful flowers everywhere, palm trees, green grass and narrow, paved paths. They’ve even got bamboo fishing rods growing straight out of the ground. Just outside our door there is a man watering the bushes, he puts down the hose and waves at us with a big, friendly grin.

His name is Nguyen.

He is in charge of keeping the garden green. There are people all around, all busy with trimming the lawns, watering the flowers and tidying up. Down by the pool the breakfast is ready, deliciously served and the friendly staff is doing their best to please us. Vietnam truly is the land of smiles. This is so very far from what we saw from Vietnam during the  war. Maybe this long thin country actually is like a snake? –visit it in peace and it will give you the broadest smile and harm no-one, but step on it! –you’d better watch out. I still don’t understand what the American administration wanted to achieve here and I don’t think I ever will.      

                                                           The MuiNé Beach

The Sailing Club is even more impressive than we thought last night. Not because it’s big, which it isn’t, but because of its sheer beauty. This must be close to what paradise looks like. We’ve been to many resorts in many parts of the world but this one exceeds them all. The beach is whiter than any beach I’ve seen and the water is bluer….. Wherever you meet people there are broad smiles and friendliness. I could, I think, stay here forever. For more Vietnam photos; Visit our Vietnam Photo Gallery!

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