There are many different ways to travel – by air, by train, by boat, by car or on foot. You can travel alone or with a companion, in a group or with children. You can bring a bag, you can carry it all on your back or you can bring a suitcase.

Our way is with companion, and as far away from backpacking, from children, from dolphine clubs as you can possibly get.

Our story

Having been a tourist for many years, both with and without a backpack, with or without children, it has become increasingly clear that as the years gather there is a time for everything. 

Today we travel just to experience new places, new sights, new tastes. In short; new experiences.

We try to avoid the most crowded places and we try to avoid family friendly locations. 


This  blog has been set up as a journal of our travels both near and far.

It is thought to be a sort of calendar of roads travelled.

Hopefully it can be of value to others as well.

Maybe there is a tip to behold, a memory to stir?


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