—-If you ever decide to go to Moscow you will probably need a guide. First of all; evrything is of course written in Cyrillic letters here and they are quite impossible to read. Second; you need to be acompanied by a certified guide to gain access to places like the Kremlin, which of course is a must see. Third; Moscow is a huge city and you’ll need help to go shopping and to get around in general. If you do decide to hire a guide, go for the best. Not all the guides are what they claim to be. One thing is for sure though: If you hire Elena as your personal guide you  have hired the very best! She has great knowledge of the city, she speaks perfect English, she has all the licences and certificats needed and most of all she is a very pleasant person. When we were going to Moscow, she suggested a program for us, so that we would catch all the highlights of the city, but as soon as we wanted to do something else she adjusted the program at an instant. On a scale from 1 to 10 she definitely scores 11! You can contact Elena through her website: click here.

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