Sedona to Phoenix is a two hours drive, most of which is through desert terrain. To a Norwegian that is a strange and unusual landscape, full of beauty and very, very hot!


It's a dry, arid and beautiful landscape
It’s a dry, arid and beautiful landscape
Two tall specimens, the pone on the left is the Cactus
Two tall specimens, the one on the left is the Cactus
There is a certain beauty....
There is a certain beauty….


Returning the rental car at Phoenix Airport and getting on the plane to take us back to San Francisco went without any problems. That’s what we’ve come to exĂ„ect in USA, everything works to perfection, there are few, if any, of the incenveinances that wee’re used to from Europe or anywhere else in the world. I can think of no other country where being a tourist is less problematic.

Back in SF, the SuperShuttle picked us up right on schedule, as always, and took us to The Courtyard by Mariott right on the Fishermans Wharf .

Tomorrow we’ll explore both The Wharf and Alcatraz Island



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