Cruisin’ Croatia


Croatia is a land of great variety and breathtaking scenery. Nature has truly strived to make it spectacular.

We arrived at Split International airport or “Zracna luka Split” as the Croats themselves call it, around noon on a friday. We wanted to go straight to the island of Hvar where we had an apartment waiting for us. The ferry that would take us there departs from the center of Split twice a day at 12 am. and 6 pm. Our plane waas however more than an hour late so when we had cleared customs we had only 25 minutes to get to the jetty. This we told the taxi-driver. “Maybe I can make it” he said, – but only maybe. no promise. Ok? -Ok!

We did actually make it with two minutes to spare. The ride from the airport to the harbour was an experience in itself; through backyards and gardens, against one-way streets, passing others on the left and on the right. We een used the sidewaølk at times and at speeds not recomended in a city. Not a ride for the fainthearted. But we made it.


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