Krakow is the former capital of Poland. It’s a city rich on monuments and history. It’s populated by friendly people and its main square is one of the largest town squares in all of Europe. All the essential info you need on the city, you can find HERE. We aim to give you a more subjective view of the city, the sights and the people.

We had hired an apartment and were self-catering. This meant that we had to go out shopping for breakfast on the first morning. As I am the self-appointed cook and also the earliest riser so it fell to me to do the shopping

In the Old Town you’ll find all the small, specialized shops that you need; there is a bread, cheese vegetables, meat and whatever you may need and it\’s all very fresh and appetizing. One thing struck me though; why is the milk displayed in ordinary shelves and not refrigerated? …but on the other hand, I don’t drink milk so…

Milk is a very healthy drink – for calves!

Back in the apartment for a couple of glasses of breakfast and some food and we were ready for the streets.

Krakow is a popular tourist destination and already the streets were packed with people with cameras. One strange thing; there were no signs or posters in the streets, the only signs we saw were held by a person. Seems like the signs are not permitted here unless there is someone holding them?

From what we could see, the poster holders put in rather long hours too but at least you didn’t stumble over signs everywhere and it actually made the streets look nicer. Maybe this would be a good idea for other cities as well?

Just a few streets away from where we live is the Old Town Square.  It’s huge.   There are Market halls in the middle and all sorts of restaurants along the edges. Horse and carriages for rent and all the  other things that you expect from a tourist-town.

The weather is nice and at this time of day the restaurants are far from crowded so this is a nice place for people watching.

Eventually, our first day draws to an end here and tomorrow we’re set for Auschwitz and Birkenau and relics of the Nazi’ monstrosities. We’ve hired a guide named Anita to take us there. I am not sure if I’m looking forward to that trip.


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