In order to sum up our California experience, I have made two lists;

10 things I’m glad I did;

  1. Visited Carmel-by-the-Sea (click here)
  2. Saw NittWitt Ridge Junk House (click here)
  3. Stayed at the Hotel California, Palm Springs (click here)
  4. Drove through Joshua Tree National Park (click here)
  5. Visited the Grand Canyon (click here)
  6. Hiked in Sedonas Red Rocks (click here)
  7. Drove The Pacific Highway (click here)
  8. Visited Madonna Inn (click here)
  9. Saw the Muir Woods (click here)
  10. Went to see the Haight Ashbury district (click here)

10 things I should have done

  1. Flown a helicopter over the Grand Canyon
  2. Gone further south in California ( maybe to San Jose) for the warmth
  3. Visited Yosemite Park
  4. Visited California Science Center
  5. Gone to the “Biscuits and Blues Club”  (click here)
  6. Visited the Universal Studios
  7. Driven Route66 in a Ford Mustang Convertible (click here)
  8. Gone fishing in the Pacific off the coast of Los Angeles
  9. Eaten more seafood at Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco
  10. Stayed for three more weeks

For posts on the whole trip: (click here)

For a picture Gallery: (click here)



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