Brettesnes, seen from the Sponga mountain

At the very entrance of Raftsundet from Vestfjorden (the West-fiord) is the island of Store-Molla. It is an area with deep fiords and narrow straits. The mountain ranges consist of wild and peculiar mountain formations. Towards the east the Vestfjorden reaches Ofotfjorden which cuts deep inland, almost to the Swedish border. To the east, Lofoten stretches out towards the open ocean along the ragged mountains. From a distance, these mountains take on the shape of a massive wall, which in turn has given it it the Norwegian name: Lofotveggen, meaning The Lofot Wall.

The island of Store-Molla lies to the north and east of the capital of Lofoten, Svolvaer. On the southern shores of Store-Molla is the small settlement of Brettesnes, almost in the middle of the shipping lane meaning that the Coastal Steamer passes through here twice a day.


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