Kiev Pechersk Lavra


This spring brought three very pleasant days in Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, or Ukraina as the ukrainians themselves say. Purely by chance, it turned out that the third day of our visit was on the Ukrainian National day ot Victoryday on may 9th (A real stroke of luck)

This beautiful city is situated on seven hills overloooking the mighty river Dnepr and is home to more than 2,6 million people ( the official number, but due to the the large number of unregistered inhabitants the number is much higher).

The most essential thing to do before you go though, is to book a guide, unless, that is if you’re aquainted with the cyrillic alphabeth and the Russian or the Ukrainian language.  The lovely Oksana Tsupko is surely one of the best. We spent the three days like this:

Day 1 – Kiev, a city walk

Day 2 –  A trip to the countryside

Day 3 – Victoryday

Summing up

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