That is one straight Road, Yucca Valley

Day 9; Through the Desert from Palm Springs, Ca. to Kingman, Az.


That is one straight Road, Yucca Valley
That is one straight Road, Yucca Valley


The drive  from Palm Springs take you through places like Yucca Valley, 29 Palms and at  Amboy you hit the iconic Route 66. No drive in the West or Midwest could possibly be complete without at least a few miles on this legendary stretch of tarmac.

Get your Kicks.....
Get your Kicks…..

We met up with The Route 66 at Amboy and followed it on and off ( There are a few stretches that have been closed down) all the way to Kingman. There are relics of the routes glory days scattered along the road, but all in all it’s quite abandoned.

The Glory Days are Gone
The Glory Days are Gone
No more Business
The Roadrunner Retreat has Retreated

I have just discovered that a coyote can run twice as fast as a roadrunner; or as a friend has said:Wile E Coyote, my childhood was based on a lie!




Kingman, Arizona

Late in the afternoon we arrived in Kingman, checked in and went out for a bite to eat. Unfortunately we chose to eat at the local JB’s a choice that vvery nearly ruined the rest of our trip.

JB's - Not a happy Choice
JB’s – Not a happy Choice

If you decide to eat there, make sure that the chicken is cooked through or be prepared for….. the worst!

Tomorrow we shall be driving Route 66 from Kingman to Williams and end up in Tusayan by the Grand Canyon


Kingman Kingman Kingman Kingman Kingman Kingman Kingman Kingman Kingman






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