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Russians in Cyprus
Russians in Cyprus

Cyprus – the Island of Aphrodite – has ever since the onset of mass tourism, been a favoured destination for sun thirsty Europeans. Germans, Englishmen, Scandinavians, we’ve all indulged in the nice climate, the calm lifestyle and the history of the island.

In recent years however, a new brand of tourists have made Cyprus their favorite destination – the Russians! They are loud and take up a lot of space, there are even reports that they take the sun loungers with them to their rooms to be assured that they will have a place by the pool the next day. In that respect they have taken over the position that the Germans have held for many years as the world’s worst tourists.



The recession has forced resorts like Coral Bay in Paphos to offer vastly discounted deals for all-inclusive holidays. Seeing the Russians gorge on buffets and even bring doggy bags to fill up and take to their rooms ,  has certainly altered the atmosphere at the various resorts.

Restaurants, bars and all the different attractions now have signs in russian as well as in english and greek.  Though it is nice that new nations can enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Cyprus, they have changed the vacation experience quite a lot.

And they do like their vodka!

Russians on Holiday
Russians on Holiday



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