When you, like me have reached the age of plenty, you want to travel in peace. You want to get as far away from children’s pools and dolphin clubs as you can possibly get!

Imagine this;

I’m in an airplane on my way to some new and hopefully exciting destination. I’m leaning back with my eyes closed, trying to picture what the holiday will be like. Behind me there is a little girl screaming her head off because she wants more ice-cream or something. In front of me is a small boy standing in his seat, stretching out to reach the beer in front of me. Then I feel someone or something touching the knee of my trousers. Looking down I see a little face’ with big blue eyes, framed in blond hair and with chocolate smeared all over .The fingers, also covered in chocolate are doing their best to paint my new light tan trousers a darker brown. The face’s mother sitting across the aisle turns and says: “Sorry ’bout the pants but I can assure you that you can just rinse them in hot water. He is such an active boy our William. Isn’t he lovely?”NO, MADAM! NO! William is not lovely! I’ll tell you this madam; William is not the least bit charming, William is a disgusting little terrorist! I do not find him remotely charming. I don’t like to have my pants smeared with chocolate. It may be that you find him lovely but I most definitely don’t. I do not want all this yelling and screaming around me, I just want to be left alone and peacefully lean back in my seat. I hate smelly children and dirty diapers. I truly hate your discontented, smelly little brats! I know we need them for mankind to persist but I still do not like them. I’ve got children of my own; I’ve done my bit of washing diapers and cleaning clothes. I do not want any more foul smells and screaming little terrorists; and above all:  I do not want any young mother trying to convince me that little William is lovely!

That’s what I want to say but of course I don’t say it. I just give her my most disapproving look, lean back again, close my eyes once more and return to my fantasy-beach where there are no children!

That is what happened to me not so long ago. Since then the idea has slowly grown upon me. “It is completely acceptable to crave for peace and quiet. There is absolutely no reason for bad conscience just because you want to avoid these juvenile al-Qaidas. I have a choice and so do you! There are thousands of places to go, sights to see and food to taste where the little children and their mothers are not in charge. I invite you to join me on a trip to explore the worlds exciting places, to see, to eat and to meet people. Come with me to a world beyond the Dolphin-clubs and the crowded beaches.     I hope you’ll enjoy the trip. Hopefully you will even take the time to tell everybody else about your own experiences. Join our community and share your experiences with the world. To join us and start telling!

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