January 2019

The Dudutki Open Air Museum

Dudutki – The Open Air museum Dudutki is a museum complex of ancient crafts and technologies. It’s a fascinating journey into the world of the old life and professions, tasting original dishes, tasting homemade liquer and watching old crafts performed live. The museum is located 40 km from the city

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Minsk – a brief introduction

Minsk – a brief introduction The Minsk City Gates Belarus is nicknamed the “Last Dictatorship in Europe,” and it’s often described as a vestige of the Soviet Union, a sort of museum piece. But a visit to the country quickly gives you a different impression. Beyond the airport, there are

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Minsk – a Beginners Guide

Minsk – a Beginners Guide Minsk City Gates The obvoius place to start a visit to Minsk is the Independence avenue or Praspiekt Niezaliežnasci, a broad boulevard that stretches all through the city center. Along the Avenue you find all the classic attractions, in fact the avenue itself is a

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VietNam – Land of the Viet People

Vietnam – Land of the Sleeping Dragon Vietnam is a country of enprmous contrasts – from the calmness and tranquillity of the countryside to the madness of the traffic in the big cities. This is from our journey from north to south in the winter of 2018 CLICK

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Keen on the Kew Gardens

Keen on Kew Gardens Getting to Kew Gardens from Central London is not a problem. There are bus stops and train stations close by.   Getting there: By tube Kew Gardens station (500m to Victoria Gate)By train Kew Bridge station (800m to Elizabeth Gate)By bus 65 stops at Victoria and Lion GateBy bike racks

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Gone Fishing – Lofoten revisited

Lofoten – the Land of Beauty, Cod and Midnight Sunshine Very few places in the world can match the beauty of the Lofoten Archipelago – This is the erogenous zone of the North Atlantic  Visiting Lofoten – CLICK HERE More Articles from Norway

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Touring Western Norway

Norway – the Land of Mountains and Fiords Travelling through the Western Parts of Norway is a Spectacular Experience Advertisments The most scenic part of the drive is between Bergen and Trondheim. You can find a quick guide here

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Moscow with a Guide

Moscow with a Guide There are quite a few difficulties facing anyone who comes to Moscow as a tourist. The major one is, to my experience, the language. Not only is it impossible to understand what they are saying, it is also impossible to read any sign. Because Russians use

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